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Homeopathy and Your Practice

The adjunct of homeopathy empowers the practitioner with the therapeutic armamentarium to better help the highest percentage of patients with the most effective and efficient case management.

The natural health practitioner market is growing exponentially more competitive. The advent of many new alternative practitioners and therapies, including acupuncturists, chiropractors, nutritionists, massage therapists, physical therapists, allergists, psychotherapists, stress managers, life coaches, fitness coaches and wellness coaches, as well as access to various natural and over-the-counter products, presents new challenges to raise the bar on the effectiveness and efficiency of our services.

When some practice managers of the past were promoting how to get their case visits up to 50 or even a 100, I was working to get my case visit average down to 10. Some have laughed at my attempts, saying I could never be successful with that approach. However, through this approach, we broke the million-dollar barrier. Patients wanted to see us because of our effectiveness, and over 75 percent stayed on for wellness care because of our efficiency and ability to help them with the variety of other health conditions they were living with. Homeopathy was the key therapeutic adjunct that made the difference!

The successful practices of the future will be based on providing the most efficient and effective solutions to help the most people in the least time, visits, and cost. This principle is true in the eyes of both patients and managed care companies. Whoever provides the most effective solutions will be the most successful and gather the major market share of business. That is the bottom line!

Patients talk and share their experiences. The preferred practitioner is the one who helps in 10 visits rather than 50 visits, and who helps the difficult and resistant cases. This is the doctor people will choose to see. This is the doctor managed care will eventually recommend.

Homeopathy empowers the practitioner of the future to get faster results; a higher percentage of results; a higher percentage of actual cures or corrections; a higher percentage of difficult and resistant cases improved; a higher percentage of people off disability; and a higher percentage of patients committed to long-term wellness care.

There are simple homeopathic solutions that can be easily incorporated into the musculoskeletal practice. Homeopathic companies offer formulations to help achieve faster, more effective and corrective results with a broad spectrum of musculoskeletal conditions such as:

  • Acute and chronic back, neck and spinal injuries
  • Arthritis and fibromyalgia
  • Neuralgias and sciatica
  • TMJ, headaches and migraines
  • Disc injuries and degeneration
  • Sports injuries
  • Sports performance enhancement
  • Associated problems such as stress and reflex subluxations of the spine caused by digestive, hormonal, food allergies, colon, ileocecal valve, reproductive, and adrenal disorders, to name a few.

Homeopathic formulations can combine both the commonly known or major remedies with the lesser-known or minor remedies to provide much more of the therapeutic potentials homeopathy has to offer. There are over 1,300 official homeopathic remedies to choose from. The classical homeopath that spends much time seeking the single remedy may become proficient with 50 to 100 of the 1,300 remedies. The majority of the rest of these remedies have little investigation done on them to provide a thorough clinical picture to discern their use.

Bio-response tests such as kinesiology, leg checks and electro-dermal tests can actually communicate with the body (innate intelligence). The insightful practitioner recognizes the body as being a whole lot smarter than what we all put together can ever accumulate cortically.

Through our past 25 years of bio-response testing, we have been able to discover and discern that many of the minor homeopathic remedies offer major solutions for today's health problems. Homeopathic formulas carefully crafted with both the key major remedies and the proper minor remedies provide powerful solutions. Instead of 1,300 remedies to try to pick from, well-crafted formulas can narrow this down to a dozen or so formulas that addresses the underlying causes of more than 90 percent of musculoskeletal problems.

Now the many benefits of homeopathy can be functionally applied for the high-volume, broad-scoped practitioner. Simple, easy-to-use bio-response tests can quickly provide the appropriate homeopathic formulas for fast results.

For example, in a chronic recurring back problem, homeopathy can correct the case. A back and neck formula may be the first choice. If this formula does not correct the case completely, begin testing other related formulas:

  • arthritis formula - for any possible chronic or degenerative musculoskeletal condition
  • constitutional formula - as an overall health enhancement
  • wounds or trauma formula - for any roots to an injury
  • acid formula - for any chronic acid body condition
  • ileo-cecal valve formula - for any association to chronic back conditions
  • stress formula - for associated stress factors
  • calcium formula - for associated mineral metabolism factors
  • nerve formula - for associated nerve or nervousness disorders
  • sports formulas - for strengthening the musculoskeletal system
  • detoxification formulas - for associated toxicity.

The key to the great success of homeopathy is finding the correct remedies for each individual. The fastest and most effective ways to do this are to first get the complete health picture. We say you must first see the whole person before you can help the whole person. There are excellent health appraisals out there to easily acquire this vital information and prioritize procedures. The bio-response tests quickly discern what formulas the individual patient needs. Quick reference lists are available to direct the practitioner to the potential homeopathic solutions for correcting the more resistant or difficult cases. These contemporary homeopathic procedures are key to turning this once complex and elusive healing art into a simple and easy to use system.

Homeopathy equips the modern-day practitioner to more effectively and efficiently help the greatest number of people overcome a greater diversity of musculoskeletal problems, more so than any other healing art. With its vast accumulation of clinical data and therapeutic armamentarium, homeopathy empowers us to make the most significant healing impact on society - from headaches to head injuries, heartburn, hemorrhoids, hamstrings and turf toe. With the new contemporary homeopathic enhancement procedural systems available to the practitioner, the once complex and elusive healing art of homeopathy has become a fast and easy-to-use system for every style of practice. Now you can enjoy the benefits of a high-volume practice with the greater rewards of a broad-spectrum practice.

Enjoy the journey!

Frank King, DC, ND
Asheville, North Carolina




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