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Corporate Office
PO Box 28990
Santa Ana, CA 92799
Tel: (714) 230-3150
Fax: (714) 899-4273


The advertising/sales department handles questions pertaining to the purchase of advertising space in both our print and online publications. The staff can provide information and quotes regarding national display advertising, inserts, mailing list rental, and online advertising.

Tel: (800) 324-7758
Fax: (714) 899-4273


The editorial department handles questions relating to any editorial content and where you would submit articles for review, letters to the editor, or any other questions regarding editorial content and guidelines.

Tel: (714) 230-3150 office
Fax: (714) 899-4273 24-hour fax

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Circulation is responsible for maintaining the databases and mailing lists, including changes of address, phone, fax or e-mail, and processing subscription requests. The circulation department also handles the processing of list rental orders.

Tel: (800) 324-7758
Fax: (714) 899-4273

Graphic Design

The graphic design department handles the editorial and graphic layout of our printed publications. Graphic design also provides advertising design and the final output of printed materials.

Tel: (714) 230-3150
Fax: (714) 899-4273


The production department handles the coordination of advertising, including billing, processing of payments, and tracking an advertising client's ad schedules and ad copy. Production is also responsible for the processing of list rental orders and management of the circulation database.

Tel: (800) 324-5478
Fax: (714) 899-4273

Multimedia/Web Development

The multimedia/web development department handles questions related to our Web sites. Most issues relating to the function of the site (such as obtaining information on the site, using forms, explaining error messages, etc.) can be answered by the multimedia department. The department is also responsible for the design and layout of the Web sites, as well as advertising banners and Web sites developed for individual massage therapists and companies advertising to the profession. Questions pertaining to advertising or the submission of artwork should be referred to the production or advertising/sales departments.

Tel: (714) 230-3150
Fax: (714) 899-4273

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